About Wildhorse Productions

Wildhorse Productions is a global, creative production agency specializing in hosting live events and entertainment productions on behalf of all types of clients. Founded in 1989, Wildhorse Productions has worked on a variety of client projects in over 38 countries on four continents. Shawn and Amanda Orr are the founders and owners of Wildhorse Productions. Wildhorse Productions is pleased to bring events and advertising to the public that is relevant and tailored to your interests.

When the opportunity arose, the Orr's purchased A - K Rodeo Productions in January of 2011. A - K Rodeo Productions is an ideal fit for our business Wildhorse Productions and with this acquisition we will dramatically strengthen our position in Ontario.

In order to attract top level sponsors, Amanda and Shawn immediately restructured the company. The result, a multi-year partnership with the New Holland Dealers of Ontario and the Orr’s, together they will produce the richest rodeo series in the history of Ontario, ‘The New Holland Elite Rodeo Series’. Along with the Ontario New Holland Dealer’s group, we are pleased to welcome;  Molson / Coors, Forty Creek Whiskey, Trillium Ford and Prairie Rose Coffee & Tea. These sponsors round out the “A” list support group for the Orr’s burgeoning rodeo company.

The Orr’s are working hard to push their rodeo company and sponsors to the forefront. “We’ve invested a significant amount of capital to ensure our committees have the best rodeo company possible producing their rodeos” say the couple. Their goal is to raise the bar by significantly increasing the number of rodeos, participants and competitors. The Orr’s definitely have the necessary expertise, commitment and credentials to achieve this goal.

Amanda and Shawn, both have a long history in rodeo. Amanda’s roping ability has won her in excess of 15 finals and year-end breakaway roping titles. Shawn was a professional bareback bronc rider who rodeo'd across North America and retired in 1999. Also a professional stuntman for 25 years, Shawn has worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood including Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Al Pacino, Jason Statham, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. With the Orr's broad knowledge of rodeo and Shawn’s background in film, WildHorse Productions fans and committees can look forward to a ton of excitement for years to come.

The Orr’s have a proven track record of delivering quality events for their committees. Wildhorse Productions provides its clients with both time-tested expertise and a constant source of new ideas. Since acquiring A - K Rodeo, now Wildhorse Productions, the Orr’s have steadily increased the number of rodeos. In the first year, Wildhorse Productions schedule produced five rodeos and in the second year, they increased the number of Rodeos to nine! The main focus is the quality of rodeo events not the quantity. The couple has set a standard to be proud of and they are committed to building on it. With several major corporations supporting Wildhorse Productions, they are poised to hold the top spot as rodeo producers in Ontario for a long while.

The New Holland Elite Rodeo Series begins in Essex, ON (the southern tip of the province) on the long weekend in May. Winding its way through communities all across Ontario from Essex to North Bay thru to Ottawa the tour concludes in September.

Join Us! Bring your family, friends and kick up your heels at a Wildhorse Productions Rodeo tour stop near you.